Peeter Reemann – Master bladesmith


As my grandfather, Firedrich Johanson, forged everything he needed for his farm in a personal smithy and my father, Avo, was also skilled when it came to forging steel, I could say I was almost destined to become a blacksmith. I started my journey to become a blacksmith in 1990. in Estonia Restorer smithy “Three blacksmiths”. Till this day I am very thankful to all five blacksmiths who worked there and lead me to the road of becoming a bladesmith. Today I am also teaching young blacksmiths as as guest lecturer in Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy.

I have supplemented my skills in Austria with master Walfred Huber and also in Hungary under the guidance of different local masters. Since 1999, I am dedicated to forging axes and becoming a bladesmith. In 2001 I mastered in forging axes and tools for timber and log processing under the guidance of Halle Groeling in Lillehammer, Norway. For this experience I am thankful to our partner Hobbiton OÜ and Andres Uus who lead me to it.

In addition to our personal blacksmith tags we have also forged under the tag of“John Neeman”. 

Versatile training and long experience allow us to integrate both ancient and modern practices of forging steel.

In our smithy all forgings are made in cooperation with the customer – every piece is singular and unique.