The Smithy



The smithy is located in South-Estonia, Võru County, near Rõuge just along beautiful Haanja Nature Park.

In the smithy we forge everything that ancient blacksmiths did though we are mostly known as bladesmiths forging different axes and tools for timber and log processing.

All our work is done in cooperation with the customer – we encourage integration of idea and execution already on root level so together we can come up with unique piece no matter how challenging the execution may seem.


Smithy Farm is also opened for tourists  – besides an authentic experience to see ancient blacksmiths work we also offer the kind of hospitality known only in welcoming South-Estonia.

In our farm we have set up genuine outdoors smithy that can be transported and rebuilt to location most suitable for you.  Demonstration of ancient work of blacksmiths could be adding memorable experiences to your outdoors event.